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International Day Of Peace

International Day Of Peace is celebrate every year on the 21 of September  and it aims to show the world how important it is to live with peace and let others to live with Peace.Many organizations all over he world work for the prosperity of people and assure people to their struggle they are doing for the achievement of peace for their lives but if you ask a question with your self are you a peaceful person with no fear of being insulting by others and make fool by others.

This Is the devotion of UN to worldwide nations which encourage peace and love for mankind.So it is very important how to celebrate this day, there is need to awake people who are not showing their concern with peace.This day we should be devotee and commemorating the ideals of peace among the people and nations.Every living thing is the creature of God and we must respect for them and they have equal rights, even the meaningful peace come with the sacrificing your own wishes for the others and you have to give more respect to  others if you want to be peaceful society and nation or Peaceful World.International Day Of Peace

It is very important to make measures to mark our personal and national progress towards the peace.The question is here how we can make this day more meaningful by celebrating it in right way.It is very simple to celebrate peace day at any place of the world as all the world is our Planet and every human being like to live with peace by nature and going to wards the nature we get more ease.It can be simple as lightening a candle at night and think about the positive aspects of our life.You can organize a large event with
the co-operation of your co-workers,community or regional government can help you.It is the Day of Ceasefire personal and national as well as on political level.So it is easy to start from yourself and if you can do then step forward to make some efforts to aware people about the importance of this day and tend them to celebrate International Day Of Peace.

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