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Karva Chauth An Indian Traditional Festival

Karva Chauth An Indian Traditional Festivalis celebrated every year from hundreds of years in Hindu culture, Karva Chauth Is the festival specially associated with the married Women who keep fast for the Long and prosper life of their husband.This is the festival of showing Loyalty of great Indian women towards their husbands.Every year many married ladies stop eating and drinking whole the day till moon appear in the sky and then after looking the moon on sky from the special net then look at their beloved husband and eat their first bite after the fast from their Husband and win their love with this deed.

Karva Chauth An Indian Traditional Festival
An Indian Wife On Karva Chauth Traditional Festival

Their are many tradition and customs are associate with this festival in which most beautiful is the makeup and ornaments of Married ladies for their husbands,Women wear special kind of traditional sarees and put mehndi on their hands which show their love and concern with their husband.The color of mehndi depict their love as well the luck of the husband and his loyalties with his wife.Many women are inspired with the Indian cinema as in Indian movies you will see many married ladies looking to keep fasting whole day for the long and prosper life of their husband as well many engaged girls also keep fast for the good life and their better future.Now a days many girls like to participate in Karva Chauth festival for the sack of their lover and for their long life as a proof of their loyalty towards their love.This trend is originate from Indian movies in which many girls like to keep fast for their love and drink first sip from the hands of their hero.So Karva Chauth is a special Indian Traditional Festival in which young girls and married women are equally take pert and prepare them selves  for the future prosper life.

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