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Lemons Magic For your face

Lemons Magic For your face0Today we are going to know that power of lime for our skin, as many argue that the acid in a lemon is way too strong to be used on the face directly, but I personally think that as long as you stay inside and in shade it is very good and very effective for our skin and to treat skin issues, as soon lime get in contact with sun rays, it become lethal and bad for our skin, lime is very bad for all of those who is suffering with photo-sensitivity, if one does then they should avoid it and if they have to use it then stay inside and probably in darker room and never ever sleep with lime on your face if you have super sensitive skin.Lemons Magic For your face2
Now we are going to talk about the Lemon Treatment in details since we have told you how strong it is and what are the precautions of that treatment 🙂
Lime is very good to clean your face and it is very normal too, you just need to take juice of a big lime and apply that all over your face and let it get dry and then take the peel of lime and rub your your complicated areas like nose, cheeks forehead and chin for 5 more minutes, if you have super oily skin then you can add some salt on that peel too and if you have dry and dull skin then add some honey in it and rub on your face and then let it get dry for a while and then wash with running water, never ever wash your lime mask or cleanser with sop.Lemons Magic For your face3
If you feel that your skin is getting dull and dry then take a tablespoon olive oil and rub it all over your face and wipe it off with wet and worm towel and then take a juice of a lime and apply that all over your face an keep it over night and then wash it off with chilled water in the morning, you can keep it as a your daily routine till you get the desired results.Lemons Magic For your face4
To fade blemish scars you need to take lime juice with a Q-tip and apply directly on the scars and let it get dry for 30-45 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water.Lemons Magic For your face1
You can use it in sugar scrub too to get better results 🙂
Best of luck:)

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