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Liquid makeup Or Powders?

Liquid makeup Or Powders2finishing, but you can get a creamy bronzer too, and you can mix mineral bronzer powder with foundation and moisturizer, and that is the best and the most transparent coverage ever, so when we talk about bronzer then you can use powder from and liquid form too and they both are very good, but powder one is best for blending.Liquid makeup Or Powders3
Blush: – Cream blushes are more pigmented and are great layered underneath a powder blush to add more intensity, but if you are looking for a natural look then nothing is better than powder one, it not only very good for blending, but it is very smooth and very transparent too and if you are using a perfect shade then no one can tell that you have used the cosmetic on your cheeks and that is not original blush on your cheek, if your skin is acne prone then too many layers of creamy products could overwhelm your skin, in that situation you should try powder and very light shade with best foundation or concealer and if you are looking for a strong statement blush trend then only cream formula gives a nice glow and perfection to your skin.Liquid makeup Or Powders1
Eye Shadow: – Cream and powder eye shadows can create different effects, but Cream eye shadows have emerged in recent years and it is new thing for us, and before that we all used to use powders ones with or without shimmer, but with the creamy ones people complain about getting fed and getting creased too quickly, but if you are using a nice and perfect primer then it will stick on your lids for longer. Liquid makeup Or Powders

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