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Look Beautiful With Spectacles

Look Beautiful With Spectacles0 I know that glasses don’t sound too good if you want to look stylish, but if you have eyesight issue and you need to use your eyes everyday then you need to wear them to read and work so let’s see how we can make it look beautiful and stylish, cause frankly speaking all the stylish and most cute practical people use them and still look stylish and I would add Karenna, karishma and kajol in that list, they look so cute with their beautiful eyes behind the classes, we can brow some tips from them what you say?Look Beautiful With Spectacles5
We are going to talk about the whole look and we will start with the makeup, here are some tips for you to use while you are using your glasses
Mascara and Concealer are your new best friends, never ever skip these too if you want to look fascinating, Curl your lashes to get thick and longer eye lash illusion and pick the one that add volume rather than length in your lashes and apply coupe of coats to get better look, and always apply the best tones foundation or concealer to cover they skin issues of your under eyes.Look Beautiful With Spectacles6
If you are short sighted then your specs will make your eyes appear smaller, so pick all of those tricks that we use to get brighter and bigger eyes, use white eye pencil on the lower lash line, and if you feel uncomfortable then you can add nude or beige shade, and add good liner on the upper lash line would be great and for those who are new in this word of makeup, you need to understand that the thicker the frames, thicker the eye liner, and if you are far sighted then your specs will make your eyes look larger so use the reverse technique.Look Beautiful With Spectacles7
If you are using the colored frames then it would be highly recommended to use nude shades on your face and on your eye lids, but If you have to use colors then keep the shade of your glasses in mind, cause that is the first thing that will show with your eye look ever before your dress or the shade of your hair.Look Beautiful With Spectacles2
When you use eyeglasses then you need to pick everything very carefully, specially things that come near to your face, Jewelry, earrings, specs and necklaces and everything, if you using round glasses and with that you are using round earrings too then it will not look too good, I would say that when you using thick frames then pick some light earrings
Best of luck 🙂Look Beautiful With Spectacles3Look Beautiful With Spectacles1 Look Beautiful With Spectacles8 Look Beautiful With Spectacles4

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