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Look Natural With Makeup

Look Natural With MakeupIf you are looking for some effortless natural looking makeup tips then you are on right page if you follow my tips you will eventfully become expert and you will be able to rock some natural looking look, but you got to keep practice it and one day you will get the trick in you had too.

First of all you need to look after your skin and your natural beauty, keep your skin healthy clean and hydrated and keep an eye on your cleansing and scrubbing and never forget to tone it up every day now you are ready to get a natural looking makeup look.

First of all you need to buy a foundation that has transparent finish and that is one or two shade darker or lighter than your own skin tone, now wash your face and apply some moisturizer and it is best if you are using some water based foundation and when you feel that your face is totally and completely moisturize take some foundation in your hands and rub it between your palms and apply it with your hand it will give you the best and the finest result possible.

Look Natural With Makeup-

Now it is best if you have clear skin and nice eye skin, but if you need to and if you really have to apply concealer then this is time, rub some of it between your fingers and apply it with your own fingers and rub it well and make sure that they look absolutely natural.

Now if you want some natural looking shade then mineral bronze is the answer of all the questions, but if you want shade then go for some cream based shades and never forget to wash or wipe off your hands first, keep a wet towel with you cause I am going to make you use your hands for every application, so keep wiping it off, take some lightest and the most natural shade of eye shades, if you are a fair girl then any light shade of pink and yellow will look absolutely good on you or you can try peach or orange shade, but really very light and rub it over your eyes with your fingers and make sure that no one can see the lines.

Always try light natural shade for your cheeks, peach and pink is best choice or you can try brown too if you have darker skin, and now make a big smile and make three small spots on you cheeks apples an keep that smile on while you rubbing these off with your fingers and make sure that no one see the lines and that is the best way to get natural looks.

Try some transparent mascara and the lightest liner possible and if you use the skin color liner with best mascara application that will make you look amazing
Finish that look with some shiny lip gloss and if you use nice shiny shade that will make your look irresistible.

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