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Make Up Tips For Wide Set Eyes

Make Up Tips For Wide  Set Eyes
Make Up Tips For Wide Set Eyes

Make Up Tips For Wide  Set Eyes :There are many famous personalities with wide set eyes. The make up tricks for wide set
eyes are very different from the techniques used for other types of eyes. The key point here is to emerge the gap between eyes in such a way that they look beautiful.

  • First make sure you have wide set eyes or not. If your eyes look far away from each other and there is more then one eye’s gap between the two than you have wide set eyes.Now you have to make up your eyes in such a way that they look closer.
  • First apply a concealer under your eyes if you have dark circles.Apply a lighter tone of base on the whole of your eyes.
  • Now apply a medium or light color eye shadow on whole of your eye. Use pink, peach or light green color.
  • Apply contouring shade on the inner corner of the eye it should be along the lash line or apply a dark color of eye shadow on the inner corner very close to your nose and smudge it in the lighter shadow on middle of the lid to the outer corner.
  • You have to use purple, maroon or brown like colors on the inner corner.You do not have to use any third color but if you add it to mix the light and dark shades of both corners it will enhance the beauty and show professionalism.
  • Always it should be kept in mind that dark colors on the inner corner of your upper eyelid gives illusion of being them closer.
  • Now you have to apply eye liner. Line the inner half of your upper and lower eye lid with liner it will bridge the gap of the eyes. If you want a complete line of liner than start with thick line from inner corner in such a way that it becomes narrower on the outer corner.
  • Now apply mascara on your lashes and curl them.

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