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Best Make up Tips
Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips :Applying makeup isn’t as disheartening as it consider when you are standing in the midst of make up aisle .there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can try on that time. Get these basics of, make up tips and tricks down, while using these tricks and tips .you‘ll be perfect of doing make up at daytime as well as nighttime also.

Lip service:

Choose the right shade: Take any color of lipstick and swipe on the back of your hand and look the shade that it is flatter you and hold the color next to your face to see how it looks then apply the color that suited you a lot.
Fill in the lines: If you have small wrinkles on your upper lips so, for concealing these wrinkles apply slightly a clear balm like plain Chap Stick outside your lip line before applying any color of lipstick.
Extend the life of your lipstick: If you like that your lipstick remain for a long time so, this tips very good for you .apply a regular lipstick then press it with a single play tissue and you can also use powder lightly over the tissue with a puff and brush. After pressing the tissue apply again the lipstick then your lipstick will remain for a long time.

Fresh eyes ideas:

Apply shades: First apply light shades on your eyes then lightly shade the area just above the arch of your brow with Wight liner and then blend it well. This light shade creates illusion of higher brows and lids, which are best for droopy and tired eyes.
Smudge proof your liner: You can apply the liner with brush or pencil then trace over the line with the matching powder shade. To remain it for a long time first wet your shadow brush with Vaseline. To look more refresh use the white or nude eyeliner but blew your eyes not above.
Make your eyes look larger: Apply twice time mascara but the best choice is water proof mascara then place a lash curler at the roots of your lashes then slowly” walk” it out to the tips . After this, your eyes will look larger.

Complexion perfects:

Conceal flaws: First of all conceal the flaws of your face by using foundation but one thing is that don’t use a lot of foundation because full face of foundation and too much councilor feel and look unnatural so, only cover up your flaws when you need it .
Look luminous: as every face has, natural shadows and you can look better if you brighten them. To find the shady spots smile at yourself in the mirror. You will see darker areas under your bottom lips and at the inner corners of your eyes. To lighten those areas, dab on.


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