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Make Your Nails Look Trendy This Spring!

Make Your Nails Look Trendy This Spring!Your hands look very beautiful when you file your nail properly after manicure and this is not a difficult job, we are here to help
you to get trendy look this spring with the help of few things that are not very difficult you just spend few minutes.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide liq.
  • Salt free Shampoo
  • Almond Oil (10 drops)
  • Cotton pad.
  • Scrub with tiny grains
  • Moisturizer
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Nail Shiner.
  • Hand Tub.

We will do it in three basic steps that will help you to have very trendy Nails in this spring.

Nail Designs For Brides
Step I:
In the first step you take a Hand tub and pour into it Luke warm water and add 10ml of hydrogen peroxide liquid along with some drops of almond oil and 10ml of shampoo that free from salt.Dip your hands into this water for 15min and then apply moisturizer and wear your rubber gloves for ten min.

Nail Designs For Brides-
Step II:
Put off your gloves and with gentle hand clean your skin with soft cotton pad, after this put a small amount of scrub on your palm and exfoliate your hands with gentle hands in a circular motion from outer side towards inner side of the hand do this for two min and then after cleaning this with the help of filer clean the sides of your nail boundary then shape you nails according to shape of your hands, some nails shapes according to hand shape are given below for your help.

Nail Designs For Brides-02

Step III:
In the last and final step you only need to apply nail shiner and then apply the shade of your favorite nail enamel on you nails and let it to dry and then if it required then apply another coat on it.There are many beautiful Nail Arts Being introduce now a days by our beauty experts check it out for you!

Nail Designs For Brides-0 Nail Designs For Brides-01

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