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Makeup For Blue Eyes Brown Hair Fair Skin

Today we are going to give you some simple yet very affective and very brilliant tips for you to make your look even brighter and even mysterious; normally I say that if you have brown eyes then use shades of brown on your eyes and it will help you get beautiful  look, and that will pop your original shade even prettier and that is what you can try with your blue eyes too, but if you want a perfect look for your blue eyes and browns eyes then here are a very simple yet beautiful  look for you.

Makeup For Blue EyesBest Makeup Looks and Tips

Start with clean and scrubbed face and apply perfect base and make sure you use foundation or concealer on the skin all around your eyes cause no matter what shade of eye you have, these dark circles under your eyes will ruin your look completely.Like Snow White -- A Snow White inspired Makeup Tutorial

Now groom your eyebrows, plucking any stray hairs and then to create a soft arch to frame your eyes and add eye shade and blend well, and if you have very thin eyebrows then you need to use pencil and shape your eye brow and fill the gaps with shade and blend well and that will give you a perfect look.Wedding Makeup Ideas For Blue Eye

Now apply liquid primer all over your lid and then take slightly medium gray eye shadow and apply all over your moveable lid with small brush, now then take slightly darker shade of gray and apply on the upper lid and it is great way to brighten up your shade and then now if you have light brown hair then take golden brown shade and apply a line over the crease and then blend it well, and if you are looking for a bolder and brighter look then pick a color to flatter your eye color further and for that you can use the primary shade of your eyes of you can use violet, gold, or rose and apply on the lid and blend.Best Brown Hair Color For Fair Skin And Blue Eyes

Now you need to take brown or slate grey eyeliner, not black since it will look super harsh on your look and apply on the upper and lower lids and then take and tighten your lid and apply dark brown eye pencil over it and now take brown mascara and apply on the both lash lines and now take a eye pencil perfectly matching with your eye and apply on the lower lash line and it is one trick to make your eyes look perfect,Makeup For Blue Eyes.

Finish the look with rose pink or pink shade lip gloss.

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