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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

make up tips for blue eyesMakeup Tips For Blue Eyes The basic make up tips for blue eyes comprises of the selection of colors which are a good combination for blue. There is a range of color tones of blue eyes; it varies from deep sapphire to gray-blue. Blue can be out of gray or green.First cleanse your eye lids and moisturize them for some time before applying makeup. Apply a base and use concealer to hide the dark shades of your eyelids and eye circles.
Eye shades for Blue Eyes:
Apply proper shade on your eyes. Remember if you have light blue eyes use light shades, however if you have dark blue eyes you can apply dark shades too. If your eyes are blue you can apply brown, camel, taupe, purple, silver and gray shades. For light blue apply lighter tone of above mentioned shades.
Golden green, sea green and forest green make blue gorgeous.
Eye-Liner for Blue-Eyes:
Gray, silver and brown eyeliners are used to enhance the color of blue eyes.
Don’t use blue eye-liner if you want to enhance your eye-color, if you do your eyes will look faded or dull. You can choose a dark nave blue eyeliner if want. Always choose a darker shade of colored eye-liner for blue eyes to make them more attractive or just choose a jet black liner. You can choose eyeliner in any form like pencil, liquid or gel. Pencil eyeliners are easy to apply. Liquid eyeliners are easily available in different colors are most widely used.
Eye-liner for small blue eyes:
If your eyes are blue and small at the same time you can apply a darker colored eye-liner on the upper eyelid and white liner on the inner rim of your lower eyelid, your eyes will look bigger and attractive at the same time.
Create a Smoky Effect for Blue-eyes:
Smoky effect on blue eyes makes them very attractive and gives a stylish look. You can easily create smoky effect just apply your shade first and then apply a shade as your cake liner and smudge the shade and liner.You can apply liner in any shape according to the shape of your eyes.

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