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Makeup Tips For Flirty Eye Make Up

Makeup Tips For Flirty Eye Make Up
Makeup Tips For Flirty Eye Make Up

Makeup Tips For Flirty Eye Make Up:  The most important thing on the face of women is her eyes. Eyes are used to reveal expressions. Eyes are most the widely used tool for flirting especially for women. To give a flirty look to your eyes is not so hard if you make over them properly.
1. Apply a base color from lash line to brow and from corner to corner.
2. Apply a contouring shade on the lid extending your crease line.
If you do not have a crease then it is an open option for you start with the darkest shade and slightly work with the lighter from lash line to upward.
3. Apply an eye liner very close to your lash line. You can use a pencil liner or liquid liner. Use a darker color for liner or simply black and wing the edge to enhance the exotic look the eye. Start to trace your lash line from inner corner to the outer corner. When you reach outer corner give an upward stroke to give a catlike and flirtatious flare. If you want, you can also line the lower water line.
4. You can enhance the eye and give an extra flirty look by adding sparkling or
shimmering matching shadows.
5. Apply dark black mascara to your lashes. First apply a coat and then apply a second coat.
6. To show your lashes long and thick apply first coat of mascara without letting them dry apply some talcum powder on your lashes and then apply a second coat of mascara.
7. Curl your eyes with a curler, it will show you’re your eyes more widely opened.
8. Use eye lash comb to separate the lashes to give a final look. Now with the combination of your eyes and attitude you can show your flirtatious

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