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Manicures at Home! How to Polish, File and Buff Nails

Manicures at Home
Manicures at Home Buff Nails

Manicure at Home is not a tough job but it acquires little attention and you can be able to do the best thing and get better result at home.You just need to have these few things with you that are

1-Manicure kit.

2-Soothing lotion.


4-Cuticle Oil.

5-Olive Oil

Manicures at Home Buff Nails-0

Now you just follow these steps one by one,you will get very positive result and soft hands and beautiful nails.

  • Remove old nail polish with the help of gentle nail remover and for this you must take cotton ball not tissue.
  • Trim your nails in the shape you like and that suits your hand shape, in these days square shape nails are very ‘in’.

Manicures at Home Buff Nails-

  • Soak your hands into warm water and add your hand washing lotion in it along with rose water.
  • Now it is very important thing to do that is the removal of cuticle from your nails as your negligence could harm your skin.You need to use cut just with the help of cuticle stick push it back for the application of fine nail polish.

Manicures at Home Buff Nails

  • Now apply cuticle oil to soften you hands and then apply warm wax on your hands,the temperature of  wax should be bearable ( if your skin is sensitive and not very harsh then you can skip this step)
  • Take olive oil and apply on your hands and let them in gloves for ten minutes.

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  • Apply small amount of scrub and exfoliate your hands  than apply soothing lotion on your hands.
  • Lather your hands in lotion and let them for ten minutes.
  • Now its time to give our nail final look by the application of nail polish of your favorite color.

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