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Memory Enhancing Foods

Food that help in better Memory
Memory Enhancing Foods are the need of every person who want to be active in every field of life

Memory Enhancing Foods You often hear your friends and family member i forget to do this or just forget this or that and sometime it make you angry when some one who very dear to you forget your birthday or any special event which is very important for you.And if you have short memory of learning things then you will get confuse all time and wish to have good memory or you may consult a doctor to prescribe any medicine that can improve your memory.Some people like to eat Healthy Food which help them in improving their memory instead of medicine.Here are some food which will surely improve your brain and memory.
1-Fresh Vegetables can improve your memory.Always eat fresh and half cooked vegetables or salad is the best way to get maximum portion of fresh vegetables.

2-Eat Fish, Fish contain omega 3 fats that are very useful for the memory improvement.There is specific amount of Fish that must eat per day for the improvement of memory and for normal balance diet you need to eat fish thrice in a week.
3-Spanish is the best green leaf vegetable that help you effectively in the improvement of your memory.Spanish contain high level of folic acid that is very active element that is responsible for the mind improvement.
4-Berries are also known for the memory improvement fruit, berries of both kind are equally important to keep your memory good on long term basis.

5-Onion is the also an other precious vegetable which is also very important to improve your memory but it should be use on regular basis.

Memory Enhancing food  for Human Brain
Memory Enhancing food for Human Brain

6-Almond is another best food and think as the Best Memory Enhancing Food for many reasons.It contain remarkable amount of folic acid which is very essential for the mind and even when a baby is in his first month inside the body of his mother require folic acid for the formation of his brain as this is the first organ which form in first month.

7-Eat One Walnut every day as this is the richest dry fruit and high in calories that help a lot in increasing any body’s Memory.

The best way to keep your mind sharp and for good memory you should eat balance diet and these special food for the better Memory with the help of above Memory Enhancing Foods.

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