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Mila Kunis Makeup

Mila Kunis is a top celebrity of world’s biggest film Industry and showbiz Hollywood. She stepped in to the acting line professional from a TV Series named “The 70s Show”.

After a year she joined another TV series for audio recording. But she actually became famous when her movie with Justin Timberlake “Friends with Benefit” get released then “Black Swan” the blockbuster movie and then “Ted”. She got the fame enough for being a celebrity. One the most interesting thing about her popularity was her makeup. She got famous in the women due to her simply but the best makeup style.

In a survey report an amazing result come in front of the media that her fans and other people has equally like her for her makeup and for her acting in these three movies. Mila Kunis also get on the top of the list for having unique nail designs and nail polish effects with texture but later on she was beaten by Katy Perry but in makeup Mila Kunis has beaten Kim Kardashian who was expected to be the most popular makeup icon of the Hollywood industry.

Mila Kunis has become very demanding among the young girl as they like to get a look like her. Mila Has got naturally bigger eyes and ideal shaped face and her complexion is a bit dark and that is the most attractive combination for a real beauty.

Beautician has told the media that they are demanded for the makeup like Mila Kunis by girls. Here are some of the tips for the girls them. Mila always used light colored makeup stuff for her face because of her dark complexion so every girl should choose the color of the makeup like shades, foundation shimmer and lip color according to their face complexion even their face structure does matter while doing makeup.

Mila Kunis has got the bigger eyes naturally which look attractive so you should keep the eyes on the priority that it should look bigger. No matter that your eyes are bigger and smaller it would cover up while doing make up an interesting feature about Mila’s makeup that she like to wear lipstick in skin color or otherwise she keeps her lips nude to complete her personality.

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