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Myths About Beautiful Skin

Myths About Beautiful SkinNormally when we suffer with skin issues and when we got to deal with it for more than few days we do whatever whoever say and we believe that everyone else knows better and I should believe them but there are lots of myths and very few facts that we hear every day, let’s fiend how if you know most of them or not.

MYTH: You should apply different products to your skin all at once to get better results. Our face need good moisturizer and you can buy any according to your skin type, but you can use the same one for whole body, although you should use different for lips and heels, but if you think that you need different, separate moisturizers for different parts of your face then this is wrong, it is good to use one at a time, cause we cannot be sure if that is safe way to use the products.

MYTH: water-based Products keep you hydrate better. Absolutely wrong, it has nothing do with your skin and with your body, if the product is Water-based then it is not shinny and it is smooth to apply on your skin, but it is not skincare products, if you really want to keep your skin hydrate then you need to drink lots of water and you need to some mask that has healthy water based qualities and they will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

MYTH: Makeup is bad for skin. Well! It is not completely wrong, if you are using too much Makeup and sleeping with the makeup on your face then it is bad idea and it will ruin the upper layer of your skin, but otherwise it does not have the capacity to directly cause acne or damage the skin or bring on any kind of skin issues but if you are buying things that are made with low quality products then you might get some side effects.

We have talked about so many things regarding beautiful skin and face and if you really want to know your skin then keep reading our blogs and we will make sure you get the right and authentic knowledge.

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