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Natural Beauty Tips In Winter

winterWinter is the most attractive part of weather for some people and its seems good to plan your  parties whether its formal or informal in the winter season.This season is not friendly for the dry skin but with the help of  following few tips you will have good skin even in winter.

Here are some Natural Beauty Tips For Winter hope you will like and these prove very effective in this winter for your glowing skin.

  • Eat foods having Omega 3 and Omega 6 this will help to keep your skin to keep essential oil.
  • Drink at least ten glasses of warm water in winter it will help you to regulate your circulatory system.
  • In winter you should heavy coat of night cream it will make your skin glowing during day time.
  • Use Skin Priming moisturizer on your skin thrice a week on your face and neck in a small quantity.
  • Apply lip balm to reduce the effect of drying.
  • Apply almond and milk paste on your  face and neck as well as on your hands it will smooth your skin ,prevent dryness and you will left with healthy glowing skin.

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