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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty TipsThere are many people who don’t want to use cosmetics or you can say they don’t relay on processed products for their skin care, and they like to take good skin care with natural products. They people know about the  best skin care tricks that really work quicker for your skin and remove problems with in few minutes and the best thing with no chemical having product.  Natural Beauty Tips-01

Here we share few Natural Beauty Tips that work best on your skin.

Egg Mask For Acne: If you have acne and want to get rid of the breakouts then you just take a fresh egg,gently peel the skin of egg and apply white of egg on your skin with the help of brush and let on your skin for at least 30 minutes and maximum for overnight. It will magically resolve your problem.

With Coconut Say Bye to Dark Circles: Massage few drops of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles. For massage you just use your ring fingers in a circular clockwise and anti clockwise.

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Castor Oil For Long Stunning  Eyelashes: For long eye lashes apply a thin coat of Castor oil every night before going to bed. It not only long your eyelashes but also strengthen the lashes and cools your eyes.

Sun Burn Treatment of  Cucumber: Peel and grate a cucumber.Mix half tsp of glycerin and half tsp of rose water with it. Apply this mixture on sunburn skin and leave for some time, you will immediately get the result.

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Cranberry Lip Balm: For soft lips mix one tbs of Cranberry sauce juice with two tbsp Vaseline for a delicious home made lip balm that softer your lips and make more kissable.

Low Cost Lemon Lotion: This lotion will make your skin soft and remove dryness and flakiness from legs and arms.You just take 6teasp petroleum jelly, 2 tea Sp of glycerin and 2 tea spoon of lemon juice mix them well and apply this moisturizing lotion at least twice in a week if you have dry and flaky arms and legs.

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