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Natural Face Toners for All Kind of Skins

Natural Face Toners for All Kind of SkinsWe are going to share some really good skin toners for all kind of skins, but these are best for oily skin and you just need to visit your own kitchen for that, but you will get the look of Solon.

Make a fine mixture of vinegar and rose water and use it for face cleaning, you can use some baby wipes and absorb some mixture in it and then wipe your face with this mixture and it will help your oily skin greatly.

Simple splash of cold salty water over your face is a simple and marvelous tip to get the best results and this will help your face tightening and open pores and if you keep this habit on regular basis then it will keep you young naturally without any aging cream.

Let green tea cook in water for ten minutes and then strain this mixture and keep it cool in refrigerator and then apply this on the face as more often as you can if you try this in the morning you will get fresh and smooth skin all day long.

Natural Face Toners

Make a magical mixture with 100 ml of rose water and one drop each of chamomile oil and geranium oil and mix them well, this is the best natural face toner for normal to dry skin, but it is not too good for oily.

Make one marvelous day spray with one chamomile tea bag in 100 ml of water for 5 minutes and keep it with you in your bag and spray your face whenever it possible and you do not need to wash it and it will keep you fresh and glowing naturally.

If you apply a smooth past of one grinned apple and one spoon of honey this will keep you look shiny and vivid throughout your day without any cosmetic and artificial help.

If you have spots over your skin then use lemon juice on the face for ten minutes every day and then wash it off and never go out in sunshine with lime on your face and you will see some marvelous results and if you have bad hand skin then lemon juice with white sugar will help you perfectly.

Natural Face Toners-

If you are getting ready for somewhere special and you missed your Solon appointment then here is something to make you look the highlight of the party, make a mixture of vegetable oil with ¼ spoon of lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey and apply that over your skin for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with worm water and you will see some marvelous change immediately.

Make a mixture of 2-3 cups of witch hazel four table spoon of apple vinegar and seven drops of lavender essential oil and keep it in somewhere cool and apply over your face twice a day for natural smooth skin.

If you have bad skin like, pimples, acne or any other skin issues then Witch hazel is just for you cause it is one of the best astringent and help skin issues very marvelously.

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