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Natural Hair Care In Summer

Natural Hair Care In SummerNatural hair care tips: Natural hair care is more essential  especially in summer months.as summer seasons brings some damage and rough problems so, you need to protect yourself from summer heat.

If you want to get healthier and good looking hair care you’ll need proper hair care because bad hair care will bring breakage, fly aways, frizzies, spilt ends, dull hair and early hair loss but you can bring change by improving your hair care tips.

Natural Hair Care In Summer

So, here are some hair care tips while using these tips you can achieve healthy natural hair.

General: For your  healthy life style you’ll have to avoid from excessive stress and smoking and take nutritiously food or do regular exercise and get enough sleep for your healthy hair .

Natural Hair Care In Summer

Hair spray:

  • Don’t go for those hair products which  contain alcohol because alcohol damege your hair .
  • Directely on your scalp don’t use hair styling products , if you ‘ll put it on your sclap it will clog the pores of your head.


  • When you go for swimming first wet your hair with clean water so, your hair will soak up the initial water rather than the chlorinated water .
  • Before entering a pool weir a swimming cap to avoid from chlorinated water if you don’t wear a cap after your swimming recently use a good shampoo or conditioner which is best suitable for your hair.

Beauty Secrets That Will Change Your LifeDrying:

  • When would you like to dry your hair only use the dryer with cool setting because hot air can be damaging for your hair .
  • While drying your hair keep the dryer in moving and at a good distance away from your hair .
  • Use your fingers gently or smoothly to untangle the knots while drying your hair .

Combing or brushing:

  • First comb your hair to remove any untangle before brushing it.
  • Try to put your combs and brushes neat and clean and wash them once a week with soap or any shampoo.
  • Prefer those brushes whose bristles are made of natural animal hairsbreadths it will softer and more flexible than the other brushes.while using these brushes less damage for your hair.
  • Don’t use those brushes which are made of plastic or create electricity.

Natural Hair Care In Summer  Shampooing and conditioning:

  • Choose only those shampoo and conditioner which suit and match your hair-type. Trial is a best way to find out that which one product is good for your hair .
  • Avoid from hot water because it will bring dryness or irritate your sclap. Only use warm water for your hair.
  • It’s important to bring healthy look in your hair to wash your hair thrice a week because shampooing remove the dirt, dead skin cells, hair oils.
  • Be gentle when you apply any shampoo or conditioner and avoid from excessive use of rubbing because hair is most vulnerably when wet.

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