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Natural Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema or Dermatitis is a type of skin inflammation that involves itchiness, redness, cracks and dryness of skin. This disease typically affects the kids up to the age of three. However, some adults may also have this inflammation occasionally. The individuals, who have sensitive skin, are more prone to develop this condition.

Though hereditary and allergic conditions (such as Hay Fever or Asthma) are the leading causes of Eczema, however certain other factors also contribute in developing this skin disorder. The chemicals present in soaps, detergents, cosmetic and jewelry may also cause Eczema. Some other reasons include stress, humidity, extreme cold weather and sudden changes in temperature. Eczema or Dermatitis generally appears and disappears on its own. In few individuals, it pursues for long time periods. Here are some natural home remedies for Eczema which help you reduce the skin inflammation and irritation to great extent.

Natural Home Remedies for Eczema

Home Remedies for Eczema

  1. One of the easiest natural home remedies for Eczema is applying mashed papaya seeds on the affected skin area.
  2. Take one teaspoon of each sandalwood powder and camphor and mix both ingredients properly to form a paste. Apply this paste on the skin area affected by Eczema.
  3. Another natural home remedy for Eczema involves application of freshly-extracted spearmint juice on the infected skin.
  4. Drinking the fresh juice of pear is also well-known to get a relief from Eczema related skin conditions.
  5. Take one tablespoon of each turmeric powder and (ground) bitter neem leaves. Make a fine paste by combining the two constituents properly. Apply this paste for healing this type of skin inflammation.
  6. Consuming 2-3 cups of green tea on daily basis is also most advantageous for treating Eczema.
  7. Mix one teaspoon of black strap molasses in half a glass of milk. Drinking this solution is a most effective remedy for soothing Eczema, especially in kids.

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