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Natural Remedies to Cure Cellulite

Cellulite is an annoying and embarrassing skin condition many women face. Natural Remedies to Cure CelluliteWhat makes cellulite most embarrassing is the appearance of innumerable dimples on the skin that make the sufferer’s skin look like an orange peel. These skin dimples usually appear on the thighs, hips and buttock areas.

Although, cellulite is not a serious issue, one has to be very conscious and should keep constant check on its growth. If tackled timely, cellulite can be removed without any surgical treatment. There are plenty of ways to cure the cellulite naturally.

Herbal Tea

Sometimes, the accumulation of poisonous water and toxins in the body trigger the cellulite development. In such case, the herbal teas like chamomile tea, green tea and dandelion tea can be an excellent solution to the problem. Regular consumption of herbal tea increases the production of urine and thus helps ridding the system of accumulated toxins.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial in treating several hair and skin conditions including cellulite. At times the estrogen and progesterone production increases in the body which contributes to the cellulite development by increasing the production and accumulation of fat in the body. Infused with detoxification properties, the ACV can work wonders to cure cellulites if consumed multiple times in a day. However, it should be used in diluted form since it is very harsh in undiluted state.


Honey is one more natural ingredient that is found to be effective in curing cellulite. Simply give the affected skin area a firm honey massage for almost fifteen minutes and then rinse off. Honey will deep moisturize your skin while getting it rid of pesky cellulites by eliminating toxins and salts form the body.

In addition, almond oil and olive oil are also very useful home remedies for cellulite. The oil should be massaged onto the problem area and then rinsed off with plain fresh water.

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