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Natural Ways to Enhance Skin Suppleness

Natural Ways to Enhance Skin SupplenessWhen aging factor begins to play its part or when excessive dieting and weight loss plans take toll on your skin, the result usually is inelastic, sagging and droopy skin.

But regardless of the triggering factor behind, there are plenty of ways to enhance skin suppleness and elasticity in order to stay young and healthy-looking for long. Discussed below are a few natural, non-surgical ways to restore tight skin you once had.

Nutritious Diet

One of the easiest and simplest to achieve supple and radiant skin is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet always. A diet encompassing adequate dosages of fruits, veggies, meat and dairy products may prove very beneficial for your skin and overall health too. Fruits and vegetables enhance the suppleness of your skin while the dairy products work to keep your skin fresh and glowing always. In addition, Brazil nuts and pomegranate juice are also recognized remedies for tightening skin.


Vitamin E and Omega-3 are very important for an elastic skin. Fish is naturally loaded with omega 3 and thus a regular consumption of fish can help you get the desired supple skin naturally. Moreover, Vitamin E and B keeps your skin well hydrated and hence work to keep it taut too. Besides consuming orally you can also apply the vitamins topically to gain its benefits.


Regular workouts also play huge part in making your skin taut. It helps muscle building which ultimately results in a more radiant and supple skin. Therefore, make it s routine to indulge yourself in cardio and abdominal workouts, weight-lifting and jogging regularly.
Facial exercises are also important to strengthen the face muscles and keep them well toned.

Lean Protein

Loaded naturally with collagen, lean protein works like a wonder to enhance the elasticity of your muscle. When consumed just after workouts, it also boosts the overall muscle building process.

Other Alternatives

Some other effective alternatives to improve skin tightness include seaweed wrap, massage therapy and regular usage of collagen or sea salt cream.

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