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Natural Ways to Thicken Scanty Eyebrows

Thicken Scanty EyebrowsNicely sculptured eyebrows can radically enhances the charm and appeal of a person be it a man or woman. Eyebrows are the frames of your face that define one’s facial lines, especially those of eyes.

Bolder, fuller eyebrows always remain ‘in’ trend! But, unfortunately not everyone is blessed with enviable thicker brows. No need to despair, however! Just because you are not gifted with naturally thicker brows doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the pleasure of this evergreen trend. From chemical to natural, many different techniques are available today that enable you to grow your brows thicker.
I am today come up with a few natural ways to grow your eyebrows. These methods are not only effectual but also absolutely side-effect free.

Olive oil

Olive oil, a natural ingredient that has been used as a hair-thickening treatment for centuries, can give you thicker brows too. Simply give your eyebrow area an olive oil massage every night before going to bed. Results will be visible just after a few days of regular application.

Castor oil

Incorporate castor oil in your dally regimen if you really want to get thick, black eyebrows. A regular castor oil massage nourishes the eyebrow-hair roots and holds off any microorganisms which hinder the growth of the hair. Since castor oils happens to be a bit sticky, it’s advisable not to apply it directly, rather dampen a cotton ball with the oil and apply.

Whole Milk

Whole milk may also be highly beneficial for you when it comes to get thicker brows. Soak a cotton swab in whole milk and after squeezing any excess, apply it onto your brows and he skin around the brows. Rinse off after sixty minutes. Use regularly for desired and rapid results!

Onion juice

Extract some onion juice and apply it onto the brow area using a cotton ball. Although onion is pungent, it is an excellent natural therapy for eyebrow-hair growth.

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