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Neck Care Most Neglected Job By Us

Neck CareNeck is the most neglected part of the body in term of wrinkles & wrinkle prevention. The problem is this it is also one of the body part where most vulnerable to fine lines. As  the skin is much thinner on the neck  it more susceptible to ultraviolet damage from the natural sunlight & any other form of UV light.

Appearance of wrinkles before the aging is due to  stress, smoking and veining  habit &unbalanced diet like not taking vitamin enrich food which are good for skin. Neck wrinkle care & treatment is very important for a nicer younger appearance because the effect of aging on this dermal layer are significant. Clean your skin properly everyday & remove the dead skin by using a gentle exfoliating scrub. Use a scrubber daily to keep the lymphatic glands active & also to remove dead skin. You need to massage the neck area daily with light finger pressure.

Neck Care Most Neglected Job By Us

Neck Care is an easy job that can make your look more young. Though there are natural alternatives to expensive wrinkle treatments like Bot ox, chemical peels & easiest are home remedies, natural wrinkle remedies can vary from face massages to natural face masks you can make in your own kitchen using scientifically  proven technical method. Any wrong application of products could harm your skin very badly so be careful while using any acid or chemical containing product.

Here we give you some really effective and helpful Home Remedies that help you to care your skin more nicely and get quick result without any harm. Actually these are masks that can protect you from early aging problems.

Apple Banana Mask: It is the best mask  to reduce the threat of wrinkle as well to get rid of wrinkles from your neck as well from your face and other body part but here we only talk about neck, Banana mask is more effective than any neck cream for the prevention of wrinkles.

Neck Care Most Neglected Job By Us-

You Need: One Ripe Banana,2tbs of flex seed oil &4to 5 drops rose water.

Method: Mash banana well and mix all ingredients very well, apply this mask on your neck and lay down for at least for twenty min. Wash your neck with cold water and then apply rose water on your neck for giving you soothing effect.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice have the best working quality against wrinkle and aging signs. It is use to reduce fine lines under eyes, chin, neck and hand. It is also work as best cleaner. In the usage of lemon juice you must take some kind of precautionary measure. When ever you want to apply lemon juice then add few drops of rose water. If your skin is dry then lemon juice must added in milk and then apply on your skin and let it dry,after its dryness wash your face with fresh water.

Rice And Milk Mask: This is very effective home remedy against aging signs,it will make your skin taut and wrinkle free.

You need: Rice powder one cup, milk 1/4 cup and rose water 3tbs.

Method: Make a thick paste of these above ingredients and apply on your face and neck let it for 30 min and then wash off.


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