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Nutritious Start Of Baby Food

Nutritious Start Of Baby FoodWhen you become a mother of a kid then the first thing you must do with your baby is his feeding and at that time breast feed is most important for your baby, after few months you feel your baby is not satisfied  with your feeding and at night he wake up after short intervals then this is wright time to introduce new food to your baby.Your baby is not familiar with other taste except mother feed. At this time you need not to give him spicy and too sweet or salty food as he is just going to introduce with new taste that should be very similar to mother breast milk.

Foremost of all, keep in wits that we’re talking about tiny amounts of foodstuff. Start at four to six months of age, most infants get intr­oduced to solid food with a dollop or two of iron-fortified rice cereal mixed with breast milk or water. This slow, kind approach doesn’t distress your child’s conventional feeding routine much at all in the beginning. In a few weeks, after your baby learns to gulp and begins to express attention in foods, you’ll slowly add a few ounces of pureed vegetables, fruits and meats to his or her diet.Basically there are three steps to start solid food to your kid.

Step one: Prefer ingredients. Start with single foods like just carrots to make in no doubt no baby food allergy come into view. Wash natural manufacture fighting fit. If using non-organic produce wash and peel. Eliminate any rough peels, stems, and seeds which pose a choking risk.

Step two: Cook and crush. Place produce in a steamer pop in and steam until marvelous soft. Boling is fine as well, but more nutrients are potted with searing. Some veggies and fruits can also be seared until soft.

Step three: Serve and store. Serve a small amount straight away and store the rest immediately. Homemade baby food can be safely stored in the fridge for three days or in the freezer for two months. To save in the freezer place in ice cube trays, freeze then pop cubes into a freezer safe pot.

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