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Obama State Of The Union 2011

Obama-State-of-The-Union-2011Latest Update About Obama State of The Union 2011:It wasn’t Kumbaya, it was more. We have lastly witnessed
it: “Love Train” Moment in the capital. The president almost made John Boehner cry by admiring him as a working class hero.
That was to be expected. But in his tour-DE-force of good fellowship Tuesday night, Barack Obama went further.
For an hour or so, he shrewdly (and in his own interest) ended the anger of our politics, even though he had been a full-throated
participant in some of its mayhem minutes in the last two years.

As an alternative, when he was done delivering his feel-good, oh-so-sensible and sotto voce State of the Union address,
I expected the sound system in the House to begin blasting the O’Jays’ classic–and to see the members dancing in a conga line in the aisles, Coors beam in hand.Early polls showed that the speech was one of the most well-received he has ever given.
Allow me to switch metaphors. Obama is a boxing fan. So he knows that he did a clinch tonight. He’s been losing on points, so he draped himself all over his foe mid-ring. That way, the president gathered strength while preventing his fresher opponent from getting any punching distance.How did the president do this? Well, he capitalized on the obvious chance in the after effects of Tucson to call for peace.

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