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Oily Skin Care In Summer

Oily Skin Care In SummerSome people seems it mush more difficult to keep their skin normal in summer,yes these people are those who have oily skin and worried about it in crucial summer. For the people with oily skin Summer proves painful due to heat that keep skin more oily due to heighten tendency of the skin to produce more oil.

Here we give  you  some tips that will help you to care better you skin in summer and keep your skin more lively even in summer.

Oily Skin Care

  • You must wash your face daily at least thrice a day to remove excess of oil appear on your face,But you must wash your skin with glycerin soap as ordinary soap will not suit your skin.
  • In the middle time between the washing of you face try to keep in clean simply with splash of cold water to remove extra oil form your skin which produce time to time whole day.More over you can use pre-moistened alcohol wipe that will help you to remove all kind of dirt along with extra oil from your skin. If you don’t find wipe then can use ordinary wipe to remove skin oil that can also help in this respect.
  • Drink Lot of water and Do exercise regularly it will help you a lot to face all kind of body problems.

Oily Skin Care


  • If you are interested then do some yoga this will help a lot in keeping your body and skin fit and youthful for long time an old holly wood actress, write a book on yoga and tell it the secret of her beauty and youthfulness for a long time even after the birth of three children.
  • Facial mist can help you to prevent the problem of over drying due to cleaning all the day,mists are specially make to regulate oily skin to keep moisture and away oily effect.
  • Natural products and their masks can help you to solve this problem.Egg is a rich source of protein and the white of egg can prove skin tightening mask that not only tighten your skin but also remove dirt and oil very well as well as protect you skin form acne.
  • Apply Cucumber every day in summer on your skin in crushed form to keep your skin very fresh and glowing,it also lessen the excess oil from your skin.
  • Walk early in the morning in a garden with out shoes in summer it will help you a lot and give you very beneficial effect of mind and soul along with improvement of your skin condition.

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