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One Month Beauty Plan For Future Brides

One Month Beauty Plan For Future BridesThere are many girls who are going to be marry next month just after Eid, Keeping in view those girls we bring a very relaxing and easy beauty Plan that is very effective and give you 100% result in case of glowing, pretty and attractive skin.You must follow these instructions if you want to get your perfect look on your wedding day.

Beauty Plan For Future Brides

1-The first key to success is your healthy life style, you have to say good buy to your hectic routine and come near to nature and follow the nature’s rules.Go to bed just after the completion of your daily task.You must remember early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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2- Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, apple juice will make your hair strong and apple shake will make your skin pinkish white.Eat more and more fresh fruits and vegetable in the form of salad as  this is not weight gaining.

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3- Drink plenty of water, this is the best way to regulate your blood circulation and other body systems.

4-Apply twice in a week pure honey on your face, neck and hands for five minutes.After this apply coconut milk on your face.Just after two weeks every one can see the difference on your face.In the end you will be the owner of very attractive and fresh skin with no marks on it.

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5- If you have acne problem then cinnamon powder is the best thing for you, apply cinnamon powder and rose water paste on your face at night, this will no only remove pimples but also remove every kind of old and new pimple marks from your face.

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6- Don’t ignore your feet and hands, you must take good care of them as on your wedding day every one look at you as no beauty disorder so you must take special care of your nails too, Every week you need to manicure and pedicure for better result on your wedding day.

7-A best hand cream for your hand with no side effect is white sugar and lime half cut and three table spoon of milk, You just take a half cut lemon and press it on sugar(in small cube form) and rub  it on your hand in the opposite direction on your hand hair i:e from outer to inner side, for ten minutes and then apply lemon and milk on your hands. This will make your hands so soft and lighter its shade too.

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8- Think positive as this is very important for your calm look on your wedding day and try to ignore any kind of stress, breath deeply and take regular exercise  early in the morning.

Wish you many many best wishes for your wedding day May God bless you with lot of happiness in your next life take good care with style.

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