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Overnight Beauty Tips To Get Perfect Look

Overnight Beauty Tips To Get Perfect Look0Overnight beauty guide is one of my all time favorite routine, all the woman who wants to look perfect and beautiful work really hard to do so relay on things that they use during the night, if they need to cure skin issues, they apply things during the night, if they facing acne and pimple issues, they can use night to apply creams and patches on the pimples and so many other things too and today I am sharing a very simple over the night beauty treatment that anyone can try cause it is very simple and very effective.
It has been proved now that dead skin cells regenerate faster at night and the peak timings for their regeneration are between 12am to 12pm, and that is the time we need to use to avail the opportunity so we will start from cleaning, I don’t believe in applying lots of creams on the face in the evening, so I just take essential oil according to the skin tone and worm it up between my palms and massage my freshly washed face for about 20 minutes and then take a wet worm cotton towel and cover your face with that for a while, it will soften your skin and then rub the same towel on your skin in circular motion and it will remove all the dirt, dust, blackheads, whiteheads and all the things you need to remove from your face before sleep, next thing that you need to do is take some homemade mild scrubber and scrub your face very smoothly and then wash your face with worm water.Overnight Beauty Tips To Get Perfect Look1
Next thing that you need to do is apply any vitamins serum on your face and rub it very gently over your face, neck and your shoulder and keep rubbing till it get absorbed, now if you have something to treat like pimples or acne or anything then apply the cream or whatever it is directly on the infected area.
Now I want you to make juice of garlic and keep it in an airtight glass jar and now since you don’t need to touch your face now, so now you can use this juice on all of your nails and let it get dry, it will not only make your nails strong and beautiful, but you will notice that it will make your nails pinkish and cute naturally.Overnight Beauty Tips To Get Perfect Look
Now when it gets dry completely, take some moisturizer and apply all over your hands and feet and rub a bit to make your heels smoother, you can use any ready to use product or you can use a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water, it work magical on your skin.
Now get on bed and take some Castor oil and apply on your lashes and on your eye brows and go to sleep and get up beautiful in the morning, take a worm shower and fell beautiful.
Stay smiley and beautiful.

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