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Pedicure At Home/ How to do a Pedicure

Pedicure At Home How to do a Pedicure
Pedicure At Home How to do a Pedicure

How to pedicure in very easy steps at home Your feet tell about your efficient personality if you want to impress other people.Here we are here with easy solution of your problem of not going to saloon for pedicure.You can do this quite easily at home in few steps.But before start Collect all things you need to use in this procedure these are bath salt,blue soak,aloevera gel,mild soap or foot soak and some scented oil.You need some trimmer and pumice stone and scrub along with moisturizer.Some other things you will need are towel,nail polish(colored as well as transparent),nail file,nail buffer,cotton ball,ace tone,pedicure brush and shampoo.
STEP 1-remove your old nail polish and then soak your feet into pedicure tub.Your pedicure tub must have mild hot water along with bath salt,blue soak aloe vera gel and mild soap.Soak your feet into the water for 5 minutes only and then take it out.Trim your nails and file them and also file your heels with pumice stone and then soak your feet again for 10 minutes.
STEP 2-Use foot scrub massage gently and exfoliate your feet carefully.Now apply foot mask for best exfoliation and cleaning.
STEP 3-Cut and file your nails one by one with patience and then push back cuticles with nail cleaner preferably wooden nail cleaner.
STEP 4- Now again dip your nails into the water having lemon juice in it, this will turn your toenails into whiter tone.
STEP 5-Now wipe your feet to remove any oil and then apply nail polish on your nails, start from base coat and then to selected nail polish.After nail polish dry apply final top coat that must be transparent coat.
At the end of be careful about few things as doing pedicure at home,when ever trim your cuticles it can lead infection so cut nail straight across.Make sure water should not very hot so that your skin must be safe from burning.

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