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Pedicure At Home In 30 Minutes

Pedicure At Home In 30 Minutes
Pedicure At Home In 30 Minutes

Pedicure tips at home:As people are too busy in these days and they haven’t any time to go in salon for pedicure and they don’t have a lot of money for use in salon .so, here are some pedicure tips which are beneficial for saving your money .as you know summer season has started and the sandal season is upon and know you are ready to show off summer weary feet. But for summer wearing your feet must be neat and clean so, here are some great tips for giving you professional pedicure at home,.

Pedicure At Home In 30 Minutes
Pedicure At Home In 30 Minutes


Remove nail polish from your feet’s nails with acetone nail polish remover on a cotton ball and avoid using tissue because tissue don’t absorb remover well.


Take some warm water in a bowl and add in it your favorite scented oil and Epson salt then soak your feet in it for ten minutes. for this you may use the bath tube also.


After this dry your feet with towel then, exfoliate your heels and feet with biodegradable pumice pad. You can purchase this pumice pad from any drug shop. And now smoothly rub your feet but avoid scrubbing hardly and don’t rub the top of your foot .after each use rinse your pad, let it dry and keep it in a plastic bag for next use.


You may use the homemade mixture for remove the dry skin from your feet such as raw sugar, kosher salt or olive oil. You may also use the scrub for remove the damage skin .do message with scrub on your feet for three to four minutes. Then rinse your feet with your foot bath.


According to your choice cut and file your feet nail with toenail clipper and give them the shape. Avoid from short cut nail .run your finger from the top of your toe if your nail barely grazes for your finger it will look the right length of your feet and modern too.


Massage your feet with any night cream this massage was great for your smooth and soften skin.


For soften your feet nails and revitalize rough areas use cuticle oil. But in my point of view vitamin e mustering nail and cuticle oil is best.


you can use cuticle or popsicle stick to get back the cuticle .but it isn’t good to do at home .unless you are not a professional and now give it final shape cuts all along the side of your nail¬† .just push them back and keep is easy.


on your feet nails apply a base coat and then two thin coat of polish and then complete it with final top coat after this your feet toes will look natural and more beautiful because your feet definitely noticeable and enhance your personality.

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