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Peppermint Body Scrub & Peppermint Exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub

Today I am sharing a very simple and a very increasing scrub with you which would not only soaked off the dead cells from your body, but would help you get smoother and fresher looking skin too, I have been using that for last three months now and I simply loved the results, I never share anything till I get fully confident that this thing is good and when I only share when I feel fully confident with the results, I am not sure if you would have Peppermint in your home, but I bet other things that I am using in my scrub would be in your home and all of these things are perfectly safe for the skin and very easily available in the market, we all know that scrubs are very important for smooth and baby soft skin and it is very essential for healthy skin too and when I use this homemade scrub, my skin looks absolutely polished and glows after using this.Peppermint Body Scrub

Peppermint Body Scrub

Things you need to make this scrub are,
Peppermint essential oil
Rose water
Coconut oil or any essential oil
Now you need to take a glass bowl and add baking soda in it and then add salt and mix it well, now add 2 drops of peppermint essential oil in it and mix well, don’t add too much, cause it could be burning and sizzling for your skin and then add coconut oil in it and mix well now you need to use folk to mix a paste like consistency, now you just need to add rose water to make it easy to scrub and now it is ready to use.Peppermint Body Scrub
First of all you should take a bath, worm bath world be perfect and then apply it all over your body and you can use bathing glows to scrub your body with that and rub in very simple and smooth ways, don’t rush and don’t be harsh on your skin an keep rubbing it all over your body for 10 minutes and apply it all over your body and then wash to off with worm water and then tab dry your body and then apply some kind of body moisturizer, you can use baby oil or any essential oil too and you can use it three times a week to get absolutely perfect skin,Peppermint Body Scrub.Invigorating Chocolate Cappuccino Body Scrub

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