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Perfect Day To Day Look

Perfect Day To Day Look5I can spend hours in front of mirror to get an effortless and no makeup look and I am kind of really good with that cause very few people know that I actually use cosmetic on my face 😉 and the key is good products and lots of blending, I believe if you want to look natural then you need to use natural things and then you would use very few products to look beautiful and flawless;) and today I am sharing some tips for your day to day look too.Perfect Day To Day Look4
Natural Looking Skin: – I never thought that double toned foundation or concealer look that much good and natural, but it actually work perfectly even if you don’t have any kind of scar or mark on your skin, and I would say if you actually looking for a natural look then never ever use a mat finish, stay away from dry and powdery makeup because it can look cakey and artificial, you can use BB cream to get a perfect look if you don’t have too much time, but if you have time then pick two tone of foundation, one is lighter than your own skin tone and one is darker than your skin tone and apply the darker one on your T-zone and then the lighter one on your cheeks and on under eye and then use a blender and blend well without mixing these two shades and you will love the result, it will not only make your face glow and make it look fresh, it will help your cheeks to blush and look natural, and it will tone your face too.Perfect Day To Day Look6
Perfect lashes: – you need to make sure that you are using lash curler and you are using transparent mascara before stepping out of your home, you can use a dark gray or dark brown mascara too, but the product will show on the lashes very easily, but if you comb it out later with eye brow comb, if you don’t want to use mascara then just use curler and then apply some Vaseline on your lashes, it will make your eyes look sparkling and it will also moisturize the follicles and promote growth of your lashes.Perfect Day To Day Look2 Perfect Day To Day Look3

Perfect Day To Day Look1
No-Blush Cheek : –Now that is something very tricky if you are new in this no makeup look, you can start with mineral bronzer if you want, but if you don’t want to play safe then get up and start looking for a creamy blush ones that don’t have shine in it and don’t forget that I said creamy, you need to pick the shade that you actually have on your cheeks, like if you have fair skin and your cheeks look pick then pick light darker than your own cheeks, and if you have dark complexion then go for brown shades, but something that look natural, and you need to apply that on your cheeks and then rub it with your fingers and keep rubbing till you, yourself can’t tell the difference in your skin
Sheerest Lip Possible: – now this is a bit tricky too, you can go with a natural looking mat or a bit glossy lipstick or you can go with lip-gloss that look literally natural, it is up to you, but keep one thing in mind, we are looking for a natural looks.
Best of luck.Perfect Day To Day Look6

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