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Pro Tips to Wear Eyeliner Perfectly

Pro Tips to Wear Eyeliner PerfectlyPutting on eyeliner is a classy way to bring out the shape of your eyes and give them a more defined look. However, it is very important to learn the way to apply the eyeliner perfectly or you’ll end up with a raccoon eyes. Here I am sharing with you an easy tutorial on how to apply eyeliner like a pro:

To begin with, create a clear, smooth, even canvas by applying a dash of primer onto the eyelid and blending it well into the skin. Follow it up with some loose powder if you’ve oily skin. The primer will help making your eyeliner last long whereas the powder sucks up the excess oils creating a matter finish.

Grab your liner and trace a line from halfway the upper lash-line all the way up to the outer edge. Don’t get despair if you’re unable to draw a proper line as you can fill-in any gaps between line and you lash-line afterwards. All what’s important is to draw a proper line.

Starting again from the middle of your top lash-line, draw a line towards the inner corner. This line should be slightly thinner than the first line. As soon as you’re done with the line, fill in the gaps by gliding the liner gently using light strokes.

Now, outline the lower lash line as well. The lower line should be drawn from the outer edge of the bottom lid towards the inner one. It’s also a good idea to start drawing the line from the point on outer corner of the upper lash-line ends. Using a smudging tool or your ring finger, smudge the lower line slightly and meticulously.
Finally dust a little loose powder underneath the smudged line in order to keep it smudging any further. You can use an eyeliner brush for this purpose. Complete the look with several coats of Mascara and you’re done.

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