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Professional Pedicure With 6-step

Professional Pedicure With 6-step For the complete care of your body you should be conscious about your hygiene and if you take good care of your feet then you protect 40% of your health.There are many people who are much more caring about their facial skin but they do not pay attention to their hands and feet which give their a very  bad impression, so if you are caring about your beauty you should follow our instruction related to your foot care.

Here are 6 basic steps for the complete Professional Pedicure

Step 1:Apply olive oil on your feet and massage for three min, then dip your feet in little bit warm water so that you bear.This water contain

  1. Hydrogen per oxide liquid  two Tbs
  2. Coconut oil 1 Tbs
  3. Salted shampoo 4 Tbs

Dip your feet into this water for 10 minutes.

Step 2:Its very important step now your feet skin is ready for callus removal,remove  callus with the help of  callus removal tool. You should keep your own tool and never use  others tool.

Step 3:Apply scrub cream on your whole feet and exfoliate upper dead skin with a gentle hand,If you have marks on your feet skin then on that spot you can apply little pressure but don’t be harsh with your skin.

Step 4:Now apply olive oil on your skin and massage gently so that it can absorb into your skin to make it supple,You can also use any other natural oil such as almond oil or grape seed oil.

Step 5:A hot paraffin wax wrap apply on your feet to regulate skin moisture, if you don’t have or like to apply hot paraffin then after the application of oil you need a foot towel dipped in hot water wrap on your feet this will seal moisture into your skin.

Step 6:Cut your toe nail and give them a perfect shape.File your nail with sharp filer then apply your favorite nail enamel on your very soft and cleaned nails.

This is the  Professional Pedicure With 6-step that make your feet ready for your favorite shoes, take care with style.

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