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Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Design with eye catching color
Rangoli Design of attractive and eye catching colors love

Rangoli Designs are the representative of your creativity and Indian people are in front line of creative art.Every year all Indian paint the floor of their homes with amazing  patterns filled with fast and eye catching colors.The specification of colors is just their brightness while the designing of these patterns vary form place to place or region to region all over the world where there Indians Live.

There are different kinds of pattern filling use in making designs as color chalk powder, rice dye in fast colors as well as pulses of different natural colored and most appealing filling is flower petals of different colors.In early days people of India are not much familiar with the flowering art except the people of Indian state Kerala,which you can say the mother of this flowering art as this city also known as God’s Own Country.Now all over the world where Indians live they like to make Rangoli with beautiful Flower petals as their color are more attractive then the artificial created colors. Rangoli is the religious belief of Hindus and it is the part of spiritual process that leads prosperity and peace in the homes and lives of the family members.

Here are few tips regarding to making attractive Rangoli at the floor of your home to welcome prosperity and light to your lives.

  • First of all make a clear sketch of your desired design for this you can search on net by which you can find many unique designs of your choice.
  • Make sure the place of your home where you want to make Rangoli Design is totally clean and then start your work.
  • Always draw a rough sketch to determine the maximum area of the design and then start from the exact center of the design.
  • Try to start from the center of the design as from the outer side when you start you can not be able to reach at the center with out making any mistake.It is quite easy to make design from the center.
  • Choose the color of your own choice, if you choose the design from net then must keep color scheme in your mind very clear.Sprinkle color on the lines holding the color in between your index finger and thumb to make attractive Rangoli Designs.


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