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Right Eyebrow Shape for Different Face Shapes

Right Eyebrow Shape for Different Face ShapesEyebrows are the frames of your face and it’s of utmost importance to keep them well shaped. When it comes to shape the brows perfectly, the thing which counts a lot on which look and what to avoid is your face shape. Picking off the right look for your brows can help you play down the rickety facial features while emphasizing the best ones.

Here is a simple guide on how to pick a right eyebrow shape that suits your face:

Long Face

Those having long faces always seek ways to create the illusion of roundness and right eyebrow shape can help your with this task adequately. As a rule of thumb, long-faced beauties should stay away from arch brows as they will do nothing but adding length to your face. Keep your brows flat instead. Slight-curved or absolutely no-curve flat brows diminish the length of your face, making it look fuller and chunkier.

Round Face

Being a round faced lady; you normally aim at making your face look long. The best eyebrow shape for round-faced gals is sharp arch. Creating highly-defined arch makes your face longer. Never shape your brows round as it will make your round face look even rounder.

Oval Face

If you’ve oval face; you’re lucky enough as it’s considered as the best face-shape by the makeup artist. The oval faces look best with soft, angled brows. Or, a slight arch also elegantly adds more dimension to your face, bringing out your already sharpened features a bit more.

Square Face

The features which make a square face sqaurish are the square jaw and equal distance between jaw and forehead. You need to adopt a look that can soften up your strong features and make your face look elongated. So, you must try with rounder-shape or a low-soft arch. Just keep one thing in mind that too thick or too thin arch isn’t your cup of tea; try to keep the arch moderately thick so as to make the look work for you.

Heart Face

When you have a heart shaped face, you’ve a slightly pointed chin. Hence, the best look for you is the one that can tone down that blunt feature such as a low-arched round brow. It gives you a natural seem. However, those having shorter heart faces should get a sharper look instead.

Diamond Face

Curved brow is the ideal shape for diamond faces that tend to have stronger, wider cheekbones. Curved brows fabulously soften up this strong feature, enhancing your feminine charm a bit more.

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