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Simple Beauty Routine For Beautiful Skin

10 simple tips to enhance your natural beautySkin cleaning is very important, if you go out and face the sun and dust and all the pollution then you should keep your skin cleaning routine regular, but if don’t have too much time then you should simplify your routine, so I have some tips for you.5 Effective Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

Try not to use too much cosmetics and it will help you skipping makeup cleaning every day…
When you get home wash your face with cool water and then take a smooth wet worm cotton towel and cover your face with it for a minute and then wipe it out and you will see all the cosmetic and residual on the towel and it will safe your time too.6 Simple & Effective Tips For Beautiful Skin

Take a mixture with milk powder and some apple cider vinegar and apply it all over your clean face for 10 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water and it will keep your skin supper clean and it will clean all pours and layers too, you can use plain milk powder and lemon too.

Take a mixture of ACV and water in spray bottle and keep spraying it on your face when you get time and it will restore the hydration level in your skin, you can use it as toner too.

Keep some alum powder in your bathroom and scrub your face with that every morning, take some in your hands and rub over your face and it will keep the skin tight and healthy and clean the pours too and remove the dead cells.

Use plain homemade mask every day, use any mask, tomato, banana, or anything and it will maintain the surface clean and healthy and it will actually help you get better skin too.

Keep a mixture of potato and cucumber juice in your refrigerator and apply before you get to bed, you can sleep with that, but if you want to wash then wash after 20 minutes.

use natural moisturizers, natural oils and they not only keep your skin moisturized, but help you get natural beauty benefit too.

Best of luck.

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