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Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin & Homemade Beauty Tips

If you have dry skin that means you don’t have to deal with oily skin, you don’t need to keep your pores clean to ditch pimples, acne, scars and 100s of other things that are the day to day issues of a oily skin and if you think that dealing with dry skin is something very difficult then you are wrong it is one of the most easiest skin types to deal with and why am I saying that? Well because I am going to shares some very simple tips with you to deal with your dry skin and after that you will be feeling like you are blessed with the best skin type of them all.

Skin Care Tips For Dry SkinSkin Care Tips For Dry Skin

First of all you need to motorize your skin from inside out, drink as much water as much you can and drink all kind of healthy liquid, orange juice, all other juice, smoothies and I am sharing a very famous Asian drink with you that will not only keep you full for very long time off period, but it will start making you moisturized from inside out and if you keep using this drink everyday will notice a healthy glow on your face very soon.Homemade Beauty Tips For Dry Skin

You just need one cup of organic yogurt one cup of organic milk and two table spoon sugars and one glass of cold water blend all of these things and this will make almost two glass of Lassi, yess that is the name of this drink and you need to drink this healthy mixture and you will love the taste and you will mesmerize with the results.

Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Now there are some tips that you can use to get healthy looking skin and beautiful smooth texture, First of all stop using any kind of worm bath, shower and any kind of hot treatment that sabotage the production of oil in your healthy skin,Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin .

Try to massage with any essential oil for 15 minutes before taking bath, I would recommend the mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil and these will not only keep your skin healthy and moisturized, but these are really very good for your healthy boil production too.

Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Get a deep condition treatment three times a month and if you can do that at home then you can try once in a week too, because this is the best thing that you can do for your dry skin.

You just need to take some essential oil; you can take your mixture of oils for this too and make it a bit form before you use it and then apply all over your body and then rap a light layer of butter paper around you and sit in sauna or you can get any kind of moisturized steam too and if you cannot of that then you can sit around your hot water bathing tub too,

Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

but be careful you are not using hot water to take bath and after 45 minutes take that butter paper off and after that take a big wet worm towel bath robe and rap around your body and sit down in the same hot steamy bath room for another 20 mints and after that take it off and rape your body with wet towel and take off all the oil from your body and take a running water bate and use any mild baby shampoo or shower gel to take bath.

Never forget to use moisturizer after washing your face and I would say that keep baby oil with you and this will help you absolutely perfectly,Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin.

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