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Skin Care Tips for Men

Looking good is not the right of women only! Men too want to look handsome and charming. When it comes to look chic and amiable, nothing can be more helpful than a perfect complexion. For gaining and maintaining a picture perfect skin calls for enough care and attention. When your skin will well-pampered; the charm of your personality will be doubled by many folds. Find some helpful men skincare tips for a perfect skin.

Before I move on to the tips; it would be better to share some facts about the men’s skin. Men’s skin is very different from that of women. Their skin is quite thicker and therefore skincare techniques for men are also a bit different from women’s. As a general rule, a simpler approach to skincare is best for men’s skin.

Use a specialized facial cleanser for cleansing

Using bar soaps for facial cleansing is a loud no for a healthier skin. The abrasive detergents and chemicals present in these alkaline cleansers strip your skin of essential moisture and natural oil leading it to become excessively dry. You skin needs to stay moist in order to retain its health. So, always make it sure to use a specialized cleanse for your face that is meant for your skin type.

Skin Care Tips for Men

Be wise while picking the shaving cream

Conditioning the skin with a right shaving cream is the key to perfect and comfortable shave. These creams contain emollient which softens up the hair and hair follicles enabling you to shave them off easily. However, if you have sensitive skin that is more susceptible to bumps and developing ingrown hair, regular shaving creams are not suitable for you as they aren’t emollient enough. You should rather look for gel-based shaving creams. They really lubricate your skin and hence the razor glides smoothly against the skin, removing all the hairs gently.

Stay away from alcohol-based aftershaves

Although the clean and tight feeling associated with alcohol-based aftershaves seems very tempting but they actually more harm than good in the long term. They clog the pores leading your skin to develop breakouts. So, stay away from the alcohol-based aftershaves and use a soothing, oil-free moisturizer instead.

Keep your skin protected and moisturized

As like the women, men’s skin too calls for proper moisturization and protection. So, make it a point to moisturize your skin at least twice a day—in the morning and in the night. Also don’t forget to wear sunscreen before heading out in the sun.

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