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Skin Care Tips For Winter Season

Skin Care Tips For Winter Season
Skin Care Tips For Winter Season

Skin needs your more attention in the winter season so that for your smooth and clear skin in cold season you must pay a little in form of time.It is not very hard to care of your skin just need to pay little attention to protect your skin from harshness of cold weather.For those who have sensitive skin it is quite tough but not impossible to keep your skin clear and more alive.
In wither season you need to pay more attention on following few things then every thing will be perfect as you wish to have.

  • Firstly check your moisturizing lotions and milk either they are expired or not if their expiry date in very close then it is better you change your product first, In market their are very rich moisturizers that are specially make for dry and cold season.
  • You must add some nourishment body butter in your beauty products that is very effective for rich care for dry and extra dry skin and keep it smooth.If your makeup remover is for summer season then must buy a new one that is best for witner season as the winter makeup remover contain such ingridients that take good care of your skin
  • In winter Season your skin exfoliation is most important thing to do, remove upper dead skin by exfoliate and thenprotect your new smooth skin with rich milky moisturizing formula.
  • In winter season do not take hot shower as it also harm your skin Luke warm water is the best thing for you in winter season for taking bath.
  • In winter season you need to use low alcholic or non alcoholic skin care products as these are skin friend products and safe in winter season to use.
  • Before going to sleep make your strict rule to pay five minutes to your feet and hands for their massage with Shea butter,Almond or tea tree oil or your skin suited body lotion.

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