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Skin Treat & Prevent Wrinkles

Skin Treat & Prevent WrinklesWrinkles are a woman’s worst enemy and no one like to see that they look old and they are having some fine lines and today we are going to talk about some simple ways to prevent and treat wrinkles, first of all we will see what are the main and the most horrible reasons of wrinkles, first of all you need to see what is the difference between a young and old face and skin? And the answer would be freshness and the flawless shine and what make that go with the passage of time, why you start feeling dry and dull with the passage of every day and every week? Well the worst enemy of your skin is Sun.

Sun is the number one enemy of your face and the most drastic and the number one reason of wrinkles so if you don’t want to get older so keep that enemy under control and try to prevent the horrible impacts of sun and that you can do with sunscreen lotions and gels…. so try to use sun blocks, eye creams, lip balms that has the highest amount of helping agent broad-spectrum SPF more than 30, use sunglasses and if you are going out and you can then carry an umbrella.

The next thing that makes you look older and tired is lack of sleep; you got to sleep for more than 7 hours peacefully, when you don’t sleep for enough time your body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells and make your skin look dull and tired and sometime wrinkles too.

Eat healthy and good food, you got to start eating to look young in your 20s, if you want to look young you got to start working on it when you are young and that is the best way cause at that time you have time and you could actually help yourself and your looks at that age you can prevent aging in this age eat healthy and drink lots of water, green tea and peppermint tea is very good for glowing and flexible skin.

You need to stat foods that are good source of antioxidants and you will be able to get Vitamins A, C and E as well that will help you skin to produce collagen and healthy new cells too and the mechanism of new cells and old cells keep on its track.

You should use more moisturizer and the best one is that has peptides, Peptides are chains of amino acids, which not only hydrate skin but also stimulate the production of collagen and I don’t actually feel any need to explain what is collagen and why is it necessary to look young and beautiful, so look for this in the ingredients next time your shopping for moisturizer.

Scrub off old cells every third day and feel fresh with natural home remedies.

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