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Skin Whitening Or Skin Lightening Tips


Skin Whitening Or Skin Lightening TipsThere are many creams and treatments that offer you to lighten you skin color, but question is this Is this better for you or not? There are majority of people that is following adds and want to get required result in a short time period.But many of them can’t get this goal but some can get required result for the short span of time, after few days they back to their problem.

Many skin whitening creams thin your upper layer of skin as a result of which you feel good about you complexion but this is very dangerous for your skin and you your self make it in trouble and drag it near the aging process.So be careful about it, and try to use natural skin whitening ingredients that suite your skin type.

If you are really wants to improve your skin color and make it more live then follow these steps this will definitely give you positive result with out any harshness on your skin.

Healthy Diet And Exercise:Healthy food can do lot for you and your skin problems can solve up to 80% with the help of balance and healthy diet.Eating so much and every time is not good and more over it is also important what kind of food you are eating.

There are many people who eat very healthy and choosy diet but they have skin problem actually they eat healthy diet but their timing is not good they don’t know when to eat which kind of food that really give you lot.

Another factor is lack of utilization of this food material in a nice way so that it can give you more positive result,yes this is your body exercise which is most important t o get benefits of healthy food.

Water:Water is the most important element that is in the formation of your body parts so for keeping your skin alive drink at least ten glasses of water daily.

Juices:You must drink juices in early in the morning and at this time you must eat almond along with a glass of skim  milk that will give your skin a natural glow.Apple shake also give your skin a very healthy look and glow.

Salad:Salad are very important and good source of getting minerals that are good for your skin,nails and hair.

Natural Beauty Tips:

  • Always use sunscreen while go out even in the evening time.
  • Use potato,cucumber juice to lighten your skin.(this is for application)
  • Exfoliate your skin with grind over night soak almond this will give your skin very alive and glowing look.
  • Oatmeal powder and grated cucumber is a good skin lightening mask,mix them and apply for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Mint leaves boiled in water and use this juice for a couple of week will lighten your skin color.
  • Do not eat to much oily food it can cause skin problems.


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