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Smokey Eyes Step-By-Step

Smokey Eyes Step-By-StepSmokey Eyes Step-By-Step is an easy make up technique for beginner to learn about fantastic smokey eye.In the latest fashion trends smokey eyes have their own place and admire by everyone in parties.Now lets start our eye make up just in few easy steps.

  • Gather the makeup things you required in this step by step makeup you need eyelid primer eyeshadow kit and most important brushes along with eyeliner,eyelashes and classic black mascara.

Smokey Eyes

  • Apply a light color eye primer to the entire area of eyelid and blend it smoothly, it could be done by concealer brush or with your ring finger tip is also an important tool to blend it in even tone.
  • Mark your eyelashes line with a dark color eye liner and apply it from the both lid upper and lower for smokey eyes and make it thicker in a little extant and don’t forget the right way to apply eye liner start from the opposite sides so that they connect from the center to thicken the eye lash area. Make the eye line larger than your own eye line.

Smokey Eyes-

  • Now its time to apply a dark eyeshadow on your eye lid i prefer the dark brown color along the touch of black,its my choice you can make another choice for you the dark color of your own choice.Apply the shadow with a very fine eye shadow brush, it is now a complete base for the next step.
  • Now this is most important to know how to shape your eye. After applying the general eyeshadow on your lids only, now you will use it to encircle the entire eye. You will apply the eyeshadow in a circle almost, all the way up to your brow bone and then slightly under the eye area.
  • Its now time to apply shimmer on your eyelid to give your makeup a smokey look. You can use a single color of shimmer or may use two or three but don’t apply more than three it will not give you a clear smoky look.After applying shimmer and blending you move on mascara.

Smokey Eyes-0


  • For the smokey eyes we usually want to enhance the length of eyebrows and for this mascara apply in three to four time to coating eyelashes.If your eye lashes are too short then you can use eyelashes available in the beauty shops.Keep this thing s in your mind when you are coating mascara let first coat to dry then apply the second one.
  • Focus to clean your face specially under eye area from any type of fallen shadows or mascara, use a small face brush for this purpose.An other thing you can do to avoid this makeup fallen on the under eye area that is place a small tissue paper just under your eye area.

Smokey Eyes-01


Now you get your final look of smokey beautiful eyes with a shimmery look that comes after few easy steps  hope you will enjoy this Smokey Eyes Step-By-Step tips  stay with us for more make up ideas in easy learning way.

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