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Smoky Hot Eye Makeup Tutorial

Colorful Smokey Eyes TutorialWe are going to create a very cute Violet look today with a dramatic wing and since the shade we are going to use here are very warm makeup colors you will possibly try and when you use brown gray wing with that it enhance then intensity of the look, and we can try this gorgeous violet makeup look with slightly brownish golden shades with jet black mascara and liner and you will love the combination.Enjoy this blue smokey eye makeup tutorial, perfect for a night out.

We will start with the moisturized skin and perfectly flawless base and then we will start with eyes and we will apply primer and then groom the brows and then we will take silver white base power and apply it all over the lid and then we will take brown gray shade and will trace the crease and draw a wing with an angle brush from the outer corner of the lid and from the crease and then fill it up like cat eye outer wing and create a fading shadow by the end of your eyelid.Top 10 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials1

Now we will take violet eye shadow and start applying it from  the mid of your eyelid until the end and then blend it with clean brush, but don’t blend it with gray shade on the wind and then take peachy or mate gold eye shadow and apply on the inner 1/3 of the lid and blend it well until you get the smooth cuter look,  now take a gel liner and  apply a fine straight line close to your upper lashes and then apply the same sort of line on the lower lashes with the black pencil or liner and now take the same violet shade that we used over the lid and take with liner bush and apply a thick line under the lower lash line and blend well, now you need to take slightly light nude pink shiny shade and apply very small amount on the inner 1/3  of your lower lash line and blend and finis the look with mascara, I am not using any sort of highlighter, but if you want to then use light golden highlighter on the inner corner and on the bone.Black smokey eye makeup tutorial

Best of luck.Top 10 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

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