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Special Care For Beautiful Lips

However, many women suffer from lip cracks and many other lip problems.Lips are a very delicate part of our body and they don’t even have too many oil glands and that is the main reason that if you want to have beautiful lips then you need to apply moisturizer externally and with that you need to take some extensive measures to keep your lips moisturizer and healthy and for that you can use the following steps to get beautiful lips.Is dehydrate on your lips and without moisture your lips can get dry

First of all you need to maintain a healthy and well balanced and nutritional food, eat lots of greens and lots of good fats and with that you need to maintain a habit of drinking lots of water and now here are some tips to care your lips.Beauty Tips For Pink Lips

Chapping: – if you are suffering with lips chipping then it only shows that your lips are getting dehydrated and they need extensive moisturizing treatment and for that you need to start with mint lip balm and keep applying it on your lips all the time, the best way is apply lip balm and then after an hour take a wet wipe and scrub the old balm off and apply the fresh layer of lip balm on your lips and that will not only keep your lips moisturizer, but it exfoliate your lips too.

Lipstick Bleeding: – If you are getting tired of your lipstick bleeding issues then this is the time to help the dry fine lines around your lips and for that you just need to start using extra thick layer of moisturizer all around your lips too during the night or when it is possible for you, and with that you need to start using a waxy lip liner and apply a perfect outline before applying the lipstick and in day to day life you should use lip-gloss instead lipstick.

Lip Massage: – you need to maintain a habit of massaging your lips once in a day and for that you can use any essential oil, but if it is possible for you then take fresh butter from butter milk and apply it over your lips, best would be if you use worm butte and then start massaging in circular motion for whole 5 minutes and that will improves the blood circulation to your lips and keep the lips healthy and younger than your age.

Lip Scrub:- We all know that one should scrub the skin 2 time a week and the lips are not excluding from this rule, you need to make your own mask and for that you just need to take one tablespoon sugar powder and add one drop of honey, almond oil and lemon juice and scrub your lips, if you have supper dry lips then it would be best to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline one hour prior to scrubbing.

Always carry and use lip balm, best if you use a balm with mint or peppermint.Special Care For Beautiful Lips

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