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Stress Management How To Reduce Stress Effectively

Stress Management How To Reduce Stress Effectively
Stress Management How To Reduce Stress Effectively

First of all you should know what is stress? Actually it is the state of mind that is not suitable for you.So the first thing in the management of stress you need to know what factors tends your body to feel like this.In other words you should find out the reason of stress.With time to time with your more awareness your source of stress might be change but your reaction might be same at all situations.
For all human being there are million things going on every day but among these many are not according to their will so they get stressed and off course you also have some un favorable thing to get in stress as no one can get in stress in his favorite thing going on.

So keep your eyes on following issues
1-what is the reason of your stress
2-At the time of stress what is your feeling, or you can say how you react on these un favorable conditions.
3-How long you stay in this situation and how you come back to normal.
4-Which thing can feel you better.
Now firstly pay a little head on your attitude to cope with stress.Then read the following instructions these are not compulsory but you can take a little help to feel better about yourself.
Some people use very dangerous way to cope with stress like

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Eat Too much or completely understanding
  • Sleep too much
  • Physical Violence also seen in many cases
  • Using Pills or Drugs to relax

these are coping ways that are may be helpful but not healthful so change your habit if you do the same job while in stress.
Healthier Way To Stress Management:
If you are using above mentioned ways to cope with stress then very soon you can caught in big trouble so here is need to learn the right way how to cope with stress in Healthy way.
Most easy and effective way is the change in your attitude means every time you react in old ways now just change the way of your reaction by saying Now I will not Let this Problem to spoil my mood.and just after change in your mood you will be able to Avoid,Alter Or Accept.
Here you should focus on the point that can make you feel “Calm”.
Now It Is Time To Learn The Techniques so pay attention on these key points
1-Try to Balance your personal and professional life and do not make yourself stick with your limits of work and duties so that you should be free from over burden.Most of people can get in trouble just coz of burden they have to bear so keep your eyes open when you are taking some responsibility.
2-Trust in your own abilities and never make hopes from others.
3-If you can not control on your emotions then express your feelings so that no one can bother you.
4-Be Willing to compromise this will not let you down but can realize your stress but if you accept from other party to do so then can get more in trouble.
5-Love and care for your self then other can love and care for you, in the same ways respect others then you can get better result.
6-Learn form your Past and live in your present and do not worry  about your future.
7-Focus on your successful goals that you want to achieve or you had achieved in past, this can make you hopeful in short never let down your positive hopes for your future.
At the end it is advice to spend few time with your self.You should talk yourself on your different issues as you are the best friend of your own who know each and every thing about yourself then pay some attention on your life style attitude and appreciate when you do some good for others as well as when you serve any body in a better way.

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