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Summer Eye Care Tips & Essential Eye Care Tips During Summers

Eyes are very sensitive and delicate and they need some special measures and some special care ways to stay healthy and safe…. you cannot treat them carelessly because you might get the damage that would be unrealizable, but they will be a huge lose in coming future.

Summer Eye Care TipsSummer Eye Care Tips

Here are some Summer Eye Care Tips for you to get beautiful eyes for the rest of your life.

Take Good Night Sleep Eye Care TipsTake Good Night Sleep:-you need to take some rest for at least 8 hours and if you think that you don’t need 8 hours to get healthy sleep then just try to sleep without alarm and make sure no one and noting disturb you while you are sleeping.

Avoid UV Rays Eye Care TipsAvoid UV Rays: – you need to avoid UV rays of sun at any cost, they are the hidden killer for your looks and your health…. when you feel the sun is right in the center of sky that is the time when you have to be inside some walls, you need to keep yourself hidden for these three four hours at any cost, don’t think that once in a while can is not a big deal cause your skin absorb these rays as rapidly as a sponge absorb the water and after that these rays stays in your body and they keep damage your skin and your bones very badly.

Wear Sun GlassesWear Sun Glasses: – you don’t need to buy to many matching eyeglasses, jut pick one, but branded one and use it where ever you are going out, even if it is a bit cooler day, if the sun is out then you need sunglasses, don’t care what fashion freak says, you need your eyes and they need to be protected, you need to cover your eyes and make sure you have some thin layer of petroleum jelly over your eyes, eye lid and under eye skin, don’t care what other think, just look after yourself.

Use Lubricating Drops Eye Care TipsUse Lubricating Drops:- now let me tell you one thing, when we cross our teen age our eyes start getting dry and they need some help for that, so ask your option and start some lubricating drops and you can use them according to the instruction or the way doctor tell you, or if you ask me then I will say try three times a day and if you are working on computer too much then you can use it whenever you want to use it, they are good so don’t be sacred.

Love and look after yourself and enjoy exotic Summer

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