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Sun-Kissed Glow Without Sun

Sun-Kissed Glow Without SunSummers never come alone; they bring crazy, full-filled parties along and when it comes to summer part makeup, the look doesn’t complete without a healthy tan. Getting that desirable sun-kissed glow drives you to expose yourself to the unhealthy sunrays that do more harm than good. Do you want to hurt your skin? Definitely No! So, how to get that enviable look then? Skim through the post, I’ll let you know!

  • First of all, using a mild cleanser or face wash, cleanse your face thoroughly to make it absolutely dirt free.
  • Thereafter, spread adequate amount of your liquid foundation over your face with the help of a foundation brush and then blend it meticulously using your fingers, giving enough attention to jawline and neck.
  • Follow the foundation with a concealer to hide any flaws. Dust a little loose powder allover finally so as to set the product and create a matte finish.
  • Now, as you’ve evened-out your complexion, move on to the eyes! Brown eyeliner is the best when it comes to achieve a perfect tanned look with makeup. Glide the liner smoothly across your upper lash line, thickening it a bit as you move towards the outer edge of your eye.
  • Apply a metallic (like gold or copper), sunset (orange, pink or brown) or nude glistering eyeshadow to your eyelid to brighten the up instantly. Accentuate your brow bone with a little bronze afterwards.
  • Use worn-out mascara applicator to brush those brows. Slap multiple coats of mascara to the lashes afterwards to give them an instant.
  • Now the most important part of this particular makeup, the face! Start bronzer application. Spread the bronzer onto the facial areas which would have been hit by the sun in case you’d taken a sun-bath, such as forehead, the fleshy zone of your cheek, t-zone, hair-line and chin. Use a fluffy blending brush to blend the product properly, brushing the neck and upper-chest area too to match them with your face.
  • Complete the look with a nude lipstick and gloss and that’s it!

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